1.2.x ChangeLogs

1.2.6 to 1.2.7 Changelog

NF> Avatars API
NF> Avatars control
NF> IP tracking in comments
NF> added Migels menu icons patch
NF> Page generation time
NF> Polls module fixed
NF> Fixed text align under some browsers
NF> Avatars in comments
NF> Enabling and disabling of avatars
NF> Added user registration captcha
NF> Avatars in forum posts
NF> IP tracking in forum posts
FMD> Added search module
FMD> Private messages module
FMD> Dinamic menus (Article, Gallery, Users, Forum, FilesDB)
FMD> enabling/disabling icons in menu
FMD> user profile template cosmetic fix
FMD> forum template cosmetic fix
FMD> user space info in admin index page
FMD> Avatars administration section
FMD> Smiles support an administration
FMD> hidden text BB-code
FMD> rating for each object
FMD> optional disabling comments for unregistered users for articles,forum, gallery, guestbook.
DV>Fixed bug with empty array in statistics.php

1.2.5 to 1.2.6 Changelog

DV>Removed all password and e-mail entries from log file
DV>Fixed bug with entities in nicknames
DV>Max username length is now 32 symbols
DV>Fixed bug with sending mail with registration and password info
DV>Registered users’ accesslevel fix
DV>Fixed bug with bbCodes panel in filesdb panel
DV>Images in gallery are opened in new window now
DV>Fixed bug with empty ‘target’ in navigation URLs
DV>Fixed bug with ‘article:SECTION/CATEGORY/ARTICLE’ navigation template
DV>Removed redirections from API
DV>Descriptions in FilesDB now being parsed by rcms_parse_text
DV>’Quote selection’ now works in Firefox 1.5 and Opera too!
DV>Recursive chmod function fixed
DV>Removed $dir parameter from user_lang_select
DV>rcms_parse_ini_file return value fixed
–>Security improvements

1.2.4 to 1.2.5 Changelog

DV>Implemented HTML+bbCode mode
DV>Added less general GENERAL-M right
DV>Post editing fixed in forum
DV>RSS Aggregator
DV>New gallery administration interface
DV>Keywords in gallery (Was “Categories in gallery”)
DV>Now gallery image do not break design :) You can open full image by clicking on small representation
DV>Improved “Back” button in Gallery so it now don’t javascript. Also added “Prev” and “Next” buttons
DV>Improved “Forum updates” module
DV>Some XHTML invalidities fixed

1.2.3 to 1.2.4 Changelog

DV>Lots of $_SERVER array access fixed
DV>New information interface in admin index
DV>Gzip support in logging detection
DV>Now calendar shows all articles from all containers
DV>’General configuration’ renamed to ‘Core controls’
DV>’Support’ renamed to ‘Feedback’
DV>Bug with Index module selection
DV>Host autodetection
DV>Added default categories of news, articles and files in fresh installation
DV>Fix for lots of notices in index.php
DV>Bug with links to articles in RSS
DV>Little fix in rcms_send_mail function
DV>New navigation link modifier - external (opens link in new window)
DV>New rcms_show_element(’navigation’... template for link - {target)
DV>rcms_show_browser_window function
DV>rcms_open_browser_window function
DV>Reorganisation of navigation menu buider
DV>Pagination at news

1.2.2 to 1.2.3 Changelog

DV>Ability to change title for modules in navigation
DV>Fix for bug [1233658] undefined html_entity_decode in old php versions
DV>New formsgen method : radio_button_single
DV>’Undefined index: SERVER_SIGNATURE’ on some hosts fixed
DV>Bug with adding an article with articles.post module
DV>Bug in rcms_chmod function fixed
NF>Added Deutsch localization
DV>Ability to select module for index page
DV>Ability to hide welcome message

1.2.1 to 1.2.2 Changelog

DV>’Edit article’ button after article adding
DV>Statistic registration in RSS and administration fixed
DV>Bug with triger_error in filesystem.php
DV>[html] bbCode fix
DV>rcms_scandir optimized
DV>Fixed GD support check
DV>UCMs not working on index
DV>Language initialisation optimised

1.2.0-p1 to 1.2.1 Changelog

DV>[html]..[/html] bbCode for articles
DV>[del] bbCode added
DV>[img={align}] bbCode regexp bug fixed
DV>[spoiler]..[/spoiler] bbCode added
DV>Now statistic is being registered always, not only when counter module is active
DV>Added request 1215075 registered user’s acesslevels
DV>Ability to disable language autodetection
DV>Administration moved from ./admin/ to ./admin.php
DV>’Post article’ general module
DV>Formsgen lib is now avaible from anywhere
DV>Support moved to general modules
DV>IDS now can be turned off/on in config
DV>IDS now logs into ReloadCMS standart logging system
DV>Removed ‘top.html’ from templates
DV>Links to last articles in categories list
DV>URLs in ‘Author/source’ is now parsed
DV>[user=username]Text[/user] bbcode (creates link to user’s profile and displays text instead of username)
DV>[user]username[/user] bbcode (creates link to user’s profile)
DV>Logging of user activities!
DV>gzfile_get_contents function
DV>Ability to show menu modules on index page
DV>Now templates for menu-points may be placed in MODULES_TPL_PATH
DV>rcms_remove_index to get rid of buggy php unset function
DV>New gzfile_write_contents function
DV>Pagination at the bottom of topics list and topic
DV>New gallery module!
DV>Forum module
DV>To update profile user now must enter current password
DV>’Awaits moderation’ renamed to ‘Drafts’
DV>’Container’ renamed to ‘Section’
DV>Counter design fix
DV>Ability to pick month and year in calendar
...Lots of fixes

1.2.0 to 1.2.0-p1 Changelog

DV>Added ability to disable gzipping of backup
DV>Removed PEAR library
DV>New optimised archiving class
DV>Poll template fixes
DV>Bug with ability to register user with username ‘guest’
DV>Bug when renaming section id to already existing ID
DV>Rights initialisation bug when logout

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